Get Control of Your
Specialty Drug Spend

With so many moving parts, plan sponsors can’t be expected to master every detail of their prescription benefits programs. They need expert guidance, a partner well-equipped to navigate contract pitfalls and make their programs as efficient as possible. That’s where ELMCRx comes in.

ELMCRx develops and manages programs that deliver real cost savings, superior risk management and clinical design that’s sustainable over the long term. With real-time contract oversight and advanced performance analytics, we negotiate best terms and ensure that all requirements are being fulfilled.

If you’re a plan sponsor looking for a partner to optimize your pharmacy benefits plan, look no further than us.

In 2020 Specialty Medication costs
accounted for approximately

0 %

of spend, up from 25% in 2013

How we help

Cost Containment

Eliminate cost from the pharmacy benefit delivery system through objective, unbiased review.


Evaluate the effectiveness of clinical management for high-cost medications.

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